About the Monster Software, LLC:
Monster Software, LLC, was founded in 2011, in New Mexico, with a goal of providing the best software solutions for your specific situation.  My name is Nicholas Padilla and I have 5+ years developing cutting edge Java Applications that have solved critical business functions.  I have dedicated myself to the art of Software Development, and have experience restructuring developer policies.  Policies that both advanced the stability of an application and ensured that the application can remain flexible and extend-able. 

About the Owner:
I have a can do attitude and rather learn how to do something right rather than what is quick and expedient.  I feel that honesty and straight forwardness prevails over all other options.  I was a professional cook for years, and still like to dice it up and get fancy in the kitchen every now and again, and worked in some Four Start Resort Hotels.  So understanding the meaning of "Excellent Service" was not just taught but required, and since I served food it went doubly so for me.  In the current age "Excellent Service" now qualifies as you get your order correct on the second or third time, or that you have to recalculate totals after a sale!  In the world of software, I am sure you have felt this, you have to guess if a software company will provide decent service.  Too many times we all end up having the software own us, as opposed to us owning the software!  Customer Service should be THE TOP PRIORITY for any company that has goods or services, however this too many times isn't the case.  I feel every client/customer has unique needs, wants and desires for the future, so a one size fits all is never a solution.  I take pride in my work, I have worked hard to get here, and so always feel passionate about getting the right solution to a given problem.  

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. ~ Kenneth Blanchard 
Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them. ~ Albert Einstein 

Here are some of my life philosophies:
"If it is not documented it never happened, if it not written down it doesn't exist."
"Most people can't handle rapid change, 'little by little' is a better philosphy and one that will yield results."
"Handle  it!" - in reference to life's challenges.

2011 Theme:
Transcendence - climbing or going beyond some philosophical concept or limit.

If you have any questions or would like to see a resume please contact me at nicholas@monstersoftwarellc.com

Here are some Software Successes of mine:

  • Implemented integration between a RS232 Time Device and Enterprise Time & Attendance Application.  
  • Implemented a dynamic reporting solution using BIRT and POJO's.  Solution provided custom templates, full range of charts, data export to .xls, .doc, .pdf and .csv, a shared reporting library/toolkit and dynamic report parameters. 
  • Currently implementing a complex data warehouse using standard ETL idioms and using Kettle by Pentaho.
  • Assisted in the implementation of an AS400 monitoring system, capable of phone text alerts and administration.  
  • Developed dynamic web pages using Ajax, including but not limited to:
    • Auto Complete Feature (including many different controls on single page)
    • CRUD operations from one screen
    • Construction of Selection Boxes and other form controls.
  • Implemented OpenVPN solution for secure company communications. Have implemented this solution on both Windows and Ubuntu Server, TLS and password protected.  

I have experience with the following:

Skills Legend: C - Competent S – Somewhat Competent L - Limited

Operating Systems:

Linux: Ubuntu(C) and Ubuntu Server(C
Windows: XP(C), Vista(S), Windows 7(S), Server 2000-2008 R2(C)


MS SQL Server(C), MS Access(S), MySQL(C), DB2(C)

Programming Languages:

Java(C), JSF(C), JSP(C), EJB(C), JDBC(C), JNDI(C), HQL(C), JavaScript(C), XHTML/HTML(C), CSS(C), SQL(C), JQL(C), XML(C), VB.NET(L), VBS(S), MS DOS(S), SOAP(C), WSDL(S)


Spring(C), Spring MVC(C), Hiberante(C), JPA(C), jQuery(C), J2EE(C), Ajax(C), Struts 1 & 2(C), Tiles(C), Swing(L), Eclipse RCP(S), BIRT(C), Junit(C), ElipseLink(S)

Development Utilities and Applications:

Eclipse IDE(C), Apache2(C), Tomcat(C), Spring Virgo(L), Weblogic(C), Jboss(C), IIS(C), FileZilla(C), Subversion(C), Maven(C), Git(L), Apache Ant(S), Pentaho ETL Tools(S), JIRA(C), Confluence(C), Bugzilla(C), Fisheye(C)

Connectivity Solutions:

OpenVPN(C), Windows VPN(C), SSH(C)

Security Solutions:

SSL(C), SFTP(C), OpenVPN over TLS(C), MS Active Directory(S), LDAP Authentication(Java)(C), iSeries Authentication(Java)(C)